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Review of Circle With Disney

The "Internet. Reimagined."

Dealing With Case Insensitive URLs When Hosting A Site on S3

S3 is a case sensative hosting platform. But here's a way to deal with it.

Using AWS API Gateway to Enable CORS for Cloud Search

The API Gateway you can help you enable CORS for Cloud Search and other services that don't natively support it.

Are Your A/B Test Goals Lying To You?

Can you really trust the goals in your A/B testing dashboard?

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt The First Growth Hacker?

In 1932 he captures the essence of CRO and Growth Hacking.

Rule of Thumb for Purchasing AWS Reserved Instances

Thinking about buying reserved instances? Read this first.

The Optimist, The Pessimist, and The Entrepreneur

It's not about the amount of water currently in the glass.

There is no problem so bad you can't make it worse.

You think your situation is bad? It could be worse!

Lessons From The Trenches: Auto Scaling Groups

If you think autoscaling is easy you need to read this

Five 9's because of the 7 Ps

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

CloudFormation vs OpsWorks

Infrastructure automation makes sense, but which one is best for me?

Amazon Web Service VPC Best Practices

Quickstart guide (not a "Dummies" guide) to setting up Amazon Virtual Cloud.

3 Models for DevOps. Which one is best?

The silo, embedded, or one-man-band...which is best?

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