This site is hosted from an S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services. First and foremost I did this for the simplicity of management. I didn't need all the overhead of running a PHP and MySQL server to host WordPress. There are no Apache, PHP, MySQL or WordPress updates to keep up with. These are just more places for things to go wrong. S3 is engineered for 99.99% uptime and costs me pennies. Simplicity, uptime, and low cost, that is an unbeatable value propostiion.

Content Management

You already know I'm not using WordPress, so how am I managing the content? I am using Jekyll which I version control at GitHub. So I can develop and preview on my MacBook and push with one simple command to the S3 bucket using s3_website.

Responsive Design

This site isn't a template. I designed both the desktop and mobile versions using Photoshop. The Photoshop concepts were used to create stubbed up master pages in HTML and CSS (using SASS). These master pages were then broken up into the appropriate Jekyll layouts.